DAVIS, ROBERTA R D.O.B. 11-AUG-77 Address 1615 PEARL AVE JEFFERSON CITY TN 37760 Race: Black Female IDN#: 1165258 Case # Document Type Booked/Served Charge A433365# VOP (GS) 26-MAR-15 FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT – THEFT BY SHOPLIFTING ($500 OR LESS) Bond Type: CASH Bond Amount: $200 SET @1109252 WARRANT 26-MAR-15 PROSTITUTION (WITHIN 100 FEET OF … Continue reading DAVIS, ROBERTA R


SUTTON, NIKKI D.O.B. 07-FEB-89 Address 3300 SUNSET AVE KNOXVILLE TN 37917 Race: White Female IDN#: 1023859 Case # Document Type Booked/Served Charge @1044885 VOP (GS) 19-MAR-15 FAILURE TO APPEAR 10-7-2013; FAILURE TO PAY COSTS AND FINE – PROSTITUTION (WITHIN 100 FEET OF CHURCH Bond Type: DENIED Bond Amount: DENIED Court Date Case Division Court Event … Continue reading SUTTON, NIKKI